Automation change a single select field when 14 days have passed since a date field

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Hi there,

I have a field that shows the date a proposal is sent to a potential client, and I have another field that shows what action needs to be taken as a single select. The idea is that the actionable will show “in progress” in green after the proposal is sent, but once two weeks go by past the date the proposal is sent, I want it to change to “call client”, essentially triggering a follow up action if we haven’t got a signed contract yet. Is there a way to do this?

I set up a trigger: when record matches conditions (14 days past date and actionable is in progress)
And then when I try to set up the action to update record I can’t seem to select the trigger - it wants me to pick a specific record. But I want this to happen for any record that is past due



Any ideas? Is this a custom script thing? for now I am using the free version. I have an automation set up to send weekly emails of records that need a follow up so aside from it changing the drop down I don’t need anything else to happen.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Sarah. You almost have it. Click the blue plus button and you’ll see something like “Record (from Step 1)…” Click on the blue “Continue” and you’ll see something like this:


There’s the record id that you’re looking for (select it). Then type in the value you want “Actionable” to take.

Automations work with one record at a time, but will fire as many times as the trigger conditions are met

Going through an automation to achieve this functionality is overcomplicating things. A more convoluted system means greater chance of failure. Not to mention the number of your monthly automation runs is capped, even on an enterprise plan.

Without redoing your whole base design, you could add a formula field to track the single-select one, then alert you if two weeks have passed without a signed contract:

    {Actionable} = "In progress",
    {Contract signed} = BLANK(),
        {Date sent}, TODAY(), "days" 
    ) > 13
  ), "call"



EDIT: Just realized I called one of the single-select options “Contract signed” in my example, don’t let that confuse you.

Oh, and welcome to the community, @augmented!

Thanks for the welcome, though I’ve been here awhile. And I do like your idea of foregoing the automation!

However, I think showing someone how to update a record through an Action could come in handy for them in the future.

I actually wanted to tag the OP, @Sarah_Fleming, but it seems writing that formula exhausted all my brain power. :joy:

Totally agreed btw: