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4 - Data Explorer

I have an automation set up to create 10 records in another table when a record is created in my "Members" table. It's setup to fill in 2 of the fields in the other table and it's working fine except it's creating a record in my Members table for some reason. Here is a video showing what I am talking about. 

Any help would be appreciated. If I need to show more I can do that as well. 


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When we paste a value into a linked field Airtable attempts to either link the current record to a record in the other table with a primary field with that value, or it creates a record in the other table with a primary field with that value

In your "Members" table, the primary field appears to be the name, and in your automation you appear to be pasting the member's account ID value into the linked field, causing the creation of a new record in the "Members" table with the primary field value of the account ID

To get around this, you could try using the member's name, or the record ID of the member's record instead.  You could also change the table layout of the 'Members' table instead, and make the account ID the primary field there