Automation Does Nothing when new record created

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I created an automation that triggers when a new record is created in Table A. It then creates a new record in table B with a unique ID from value A, and 3 other fields. IT ONLY WORKS WHEN I RIGHT CLICK AND DUPLICATE A RECORD. Any other time I add a record, nothing happens. Same with UPDATE, I modify the record in Table A, but nothing updates in Table B despite choosing the columns to monitor. I’m also making sure the fields to copy over have values in them. I seriously think it’s a major bug, making the automations for me completely useless. I’ve contacted support 3 times but no response.

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The automation is creating the record in table B as soon as you create the new record in Table A, before you even have a chance to enter in any values. The values are copied when you duplicate a record because duplicating a record puts values in the new record as it is created.

  • Try using a different trigger, one that checks to make sure that you have entered in all the necessary inputs.
  • Consider if you really need to duplicate the values. Could you use lookup or rollup fields instead?

Your issues with updating a record are not as obvious. Can you provide screen shots of the configuration of the automation?