Automation is failing?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello! Not sure what is happening, but I had automation that was working when a record was created. It was working just fine, but I had some Zapiere issues (I needed to update my plan). Updated my plan the zaps came through, but now the automation is no longer working. I even deleted the automation and rebuilt it. Still no dice. Does anyone know what gives?



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So when you create a new record the automation triggers but doesn't send you an email? 

The records are created, but the emails do not get sent.


Your screen shot shows an Airtable automation but you also talk about Zapier. It also looks like you are on a free plan. 

- Are you trying to email people who are not base collaborators? On the free plan, you can only email base collaborators.
- Do you have enough automation runs left? You only get 100 runs in a free workspace. You can see your automation run usage on the workspace settings page.
- Is Zapier involved in the automation at all? Is Zapier creating the records?
- Did you move this base from a different (paid) workspace?
- What does the run history for automation say?

Do you still have automation runs available for the month (you only get 100 automation runs on the free plan). You can check the number 

Yes, I'm trying to email customers who signup in our Webflow website.

I moved it to the paid plus plan but not sure where to find how many automations I have.

I have been getting a "Can not email non-collaborators" error message.


The Plus plan also limits emailing non-collaborators. To email non-collaborators you need to upgrade to a Pro plan, or use a different email action, such as the "Gmail: Send Email" action.

You can see the number of automation runs by looking at the workspace settings page.