Automation to auto-generate a unique ID for an image

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4 - Data Explorer


Is there a script that will generate a Unique ID for each image that would ideally be the concatenation of other fields like Initiative Name, Project Name, and then some random value?  While the image has a name, creating Asset ID's automatically would help organize and ensure we are working with the correct creative asset. 

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You can use a formula field to concatenate the information from other fields to create your ID. If you need an additional identifier to make the ID unique, you can use an autonumber field or the record ID. 

If you want this concatenates ID as the filename for your attachment, you can either edit the name manually or you can use a script to re-upload the file with the new name. 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks you are a rockstar!  I am brand new to AirTable and I have lots to learn.  what a powerful tool!