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6 - Interface Innovator

I have an automation that finds records that have not been validated for over 365, then email a notice asking the user to schedule a calendly appointment. I have an interface with a record picker and a button to trigger the notice. Trying to add an action to check my sent notice box and add the date and time it was sent to the Audit Notice Sent field. I cannot figure out how to get the automation to put the current date and time. Seems to only allow me to pull info from a field or use a static entry. Was thinking I could do with a formula for TODAY(), but not sure how to make this work. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, you would need to create the TODAY() formula in your table ahead of time by creating a formula field. You could hide the formula field after you’re done creating it. Then, your Airtable automation would need to pull the value from the formula field to place it into another field.

Thanks for the reply Scott. I actually went a different direction. I added a last modified column and linked it to the notice sent check box. I then limited the view with conditional filtering so it only shows users that have not been audited in the last year, have an email address listed, and then a conditional group that add notice sent box is unchecked, OR date notice sent (last modified field) is before 1 week ago. Issue I have now is it does not appear that I can filter the interface the same way even though the filtering is working perfectly on the base view.

This is the conditional filtering I set up in the base.

This is the filtering in the interface.

When I test the interface, it shows all records, regardless of whether I have sent the notice in the last week or not.

Scratch that. My issue that did not let the filtering work was that I had not yet published it. Sorry for nlot checking better before my replies.