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7 - App Architect


tldr: does anyone know if there is an article which defines the meaning of all the tokens available for automations? 


If I had a clearer idea I don't think I would have the following problem.

Can anyone give advice on the following please?

I have two tables with a many:many relationship (Materials and Storage Locations). I have a third table to document individual relationships between Materials and Storage Locations i.e. material x is stored in 2 different locations and I need to display the info of the quantity of material x in each location.


I have an automation which is successful and creates a record in the Table 3. However, if the material is already stored in one location and I need to record that it is now also stored in another separate location, I need a way for an automation to distinguish between the old linked location for which a record has already been created and create a new record in table 3 for the newly linked storage location.

So far, this it was has been happening: 


I don't want this new joint storage location. I need the automation to distinguish between the material record which was already there/ stored and the storage location which was linked to the material and create a separate record where the slicer shelf 1 (for example) is separate from the orange bakery rack.

This is what my current automation looks like:



I know I am missing something but every time I think I find the right token to identify what I want to separate, it is unavailable to use.

If I try to manually create a record in table 3 to indicate a new separate storage location (and separate group to count), that is not reflected in the linked records in the materials and storage location tables.

Is what I am trying to do even possible?

I have tried the junction table creator extension and it makes way too many indiscriminate records.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and reading this far 🙂


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