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Automation: uncheck field when record is updated (but don't update if check field is updated, otherwise loop)

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Hi there,


I am creating a product database and I have added two fields, “Checked by NPD” and “Checked by BRAND”. These fields are of the type “Checkbox”. Then I created two views “To check by NPD” and “To check by BRAND”. All records for which “Checked by NPD” / “Checked by BRAND” is not checked will appear in one of those two views.

Now I tried creating an “Automation” so that if something is changed in a record, the check mark will be unchecked again, so that it will return to those views and our BRAND or NPD team can check the updated fields. But every time I check “Checked by NPD” / “Checked by BRAND” again (to mark that it has been checked/read), the checkmark will be unchecked again. (From a technical point of view this makes sense, as I basically update the record by checking it again).

Is there a possibility that the automation will ignore the check of the fields “Checked by NPD” / “Checked by BRAND”? (At first I thought “unwatching” the fields would be the solution, but that just means it doesn’t check that field in particular.)

Thank you in advance!

Automation specifications:

When a record is updated
Fields: "Watch all fields except “Checked by NPD” and “Checked by BRAND”

Record ID: Record = Record ID
Fields: Checked by BRAND = false
Checked by BRAND = false


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Hi @Vincent_De_Bock

When you are creating an automation with a trigger “when a record is updated”, you can choose the fields that are part of the trigger. ie you can leave the fields “Checked by NPD” / “Checked by BRAND” out of the trigger, so that if they change (by you or via the automation), you don’t have a loop.


Hi @Databaser, that solution is also what I thought at first. Unfortunately, as stated in my previous message, it does not work… The record updates anyway.

Hmm, that is… strange. Could there be another trigger that is interfering with this one?