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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all! I am pretty new to AirTable, and I wanted to ask for advice on creating an automation for an inventory table. I would like to create an automation that:

  1. When something purchased (check marked under the “purchased” field) before is purchased again on the “shopping table,” the automation will update the corresponding record’s quantity on the “Movement Table.”

2.When something never purchased before is purchased on the “shopping table,” the automation will create a new record on the inventory table with the corresponding information.

I was unsure if these should be two separate automations or not. I have also created an automation similar to this before, but one issue I encountered was the creation of a new record even though I only wanted the quantity to be updated.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

inventory table
movement table
Shopping list

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Hi @ChloChlo ,

The best way to achieve that is to link the Shopping table to the Purchase table and the Inventory table. Maybe if I have more context about the use case I can help you better.

Hi Mohamed,

I am hoping that when I click the checkbox under the “purchased” field in the Shopping List table, the “Movement Table” updates that item’s quantity (if it was purchased before).

I would like the automation to update the movement table because that is the table controlling the quantity by letting users check-in, check-out, and purchase items. The inventory table quantity cannot be manually changed since it is a rollup based on the movement table.

If we never had the item in inventory and I click the purchased checkbox on the “shopping list table”, I would like a new record to be created under the inventory table.

Would this be possible? Thank you.

Hi @ChloChlo ,

This can be done in multiple ways.

Im guessing the Shopping List is not linked to the Inventory Table? This is not a good idea. Because a simple typo in the shopping list won’t make it possible to link the item and might create a duplicate.

You can achieve that with scripts though where it make fuzzy matches