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Automations between Airtable and Google Sheets

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I am trying to generate my table responses in a google sheet however I am finding when I submit a new entry it sometimes enters twice on sheets and when i go to edit an entry, it will add a new entry as opposed to altering the initial one.

Any help on sorting this out will be appreciated!

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The Google Sheets action only supports adding a new row.

If you need to update an existing row, you would have to turn to (a) custom scripting or (b) external automation tools which are low-code.

Personally, I like using (formerly known as Integromat) for these purposes.

I am also an Expert+ Partner of Integromat/Make, so if you need help with implementing this and you have a budget for your project, feel free to reach out to me through my website at

Hey @George_Kimpton-Moss -

We have 2 helpful Google Sheets functions in our On2Air Actions app that can do more than the basic Google Sheets integration in Airtable.

The 1st - Google Sheets Export - allows you to set up a template in Google Sheets and it will automatically add your Airtable data based on whatever trigger you set.

The 2nd is a full Airtable to Google Sheets sync where it will sync your entire table each time.

This sounds fantastic, are you able to message me directly and we can discuss having this implemented?

Let me share one more useful tool to automate data export from Airtable to GoogleSheets It is a no-code data integration tool that can easily extract the data from Airtable to one of the following destinations: GoogleSheets, Excel or BigQuery. This tool has a user-friendly interface and it normally takes around 5 minutes to set up an importer which will be running automatically on a desired schedule (hourly or daily basis).

 The data can be either refreshed and updated each time or you can back it up by appending new data to the historical one. 

To have a better understanding, please use Airtable Source link to learn more about this integration. Also you can take a look at step-by-step guide of how to extract the data from Airtable to Google Sheets with the help of