Re: Automations - Updating records - Received invalid inputs - how to solve?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi to all! I am having a problem using Automatization for updating numbers in one table, when some conditions are matching in the other one.

In table Bills I need to have an updated (lesser) amount of each bill, when in the table RatenPayment a part of that bill is payed. The Trigger is working (consist of the elements if date of the payment is not empty, and when the amount of the partial payment is given).

However, the Action in the Automatization keep showing me error (but it seamd to be such a 'peace of cake')....

Thank for ANY kind of a help, I am struggling with it more then a half day..




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I think the issue might be that you're giving the record "name", but not the record "ID", which is what the automation requires (multiple records can share the same name, which is why the ID is required). You should be able to click on the bubble for "Bill_Vorg_Nr" and a menu will pop up that allows you to select the record ID instead of record name.

Alternatively, I think you might be able to avoid having to use an automation and instead use a rollup field. If I'm understanding your setup, you have bills and payments. You're updating a "remainder" field with the automation. If this is correct, then in the table "Bills", you could add a rollup field of the linked record field of "Ratenzahlung", with function:


Then the field "Rest Bill Betrag" could be a formula field with the formula ("Ratenzahlung Rollup" being the field created in the previous step):

{Bill Betrag} - {Ratenzahlung Rollup}


Thank you for your answer 🙂