Autopopulate a multiple select status field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,
I have an issue that I think would be simple to resolve, but so far has eluded me.
I have a table with a status column with 3 possible options, that stack on each other. What I would like to happen is for the status to be automatically set based on 3 date fields. I have found a way to automatically concatenate the 3 status based on the 3 date fields, using a formula, which is great, but the issue is that this formula results in a string that does not play well with the chart “apps” and I cannot visualize the counts of # of records with each status.
So I need the status to be in the multiple select format in order to be able to use them in the apps. But I cannot figure out a way to automate the population of the status the way I can with a formula. I tried to use automation based on the formula to fill in the multiple select field, but it only pulls in the “Acquired” status and creates blank statuses.

Any help would be appreciated

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