AWS CDN links expiring to fast for automation

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a simple automation for a Pinterest automation. Pulls records from a field as it enters a view and pushes to a google sheet. Which is then picked up and pushed out to Pinterest via IFTTT.

What I can’t figure out is why sometimes the attachment (image) URL is sent out as an AWS CDN link and sometimes it’s sent out as a dl.airtable link.

The airtable links always work.

The AWS cdn links work sometimes. More often that not I get an error that the image is no longer available. It’s the like the cdn link expires too quick for the automation. My push automation from google sheets triggers on when a new row is added so we’re talking about seconds here.

Anyone have any guidance here? This is frustrating me to no end. My automation is almost there!

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Hi @Caleb_Hubbartt, and welcome to the community!

I cannot attest to any of this, - just my hypothesis - I believe this is because Airtable initially creates an AWS signed URL that terminates after some unknown period and replaces it with their own CDN address. Bear in mind, there is a latency between core storage and CDN storage replicas.

In any case, I believe this issue may be related to this one.