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Lock Values from Referenced Object

Hello, I have a table with reference fields from another table. I want to lock the values in those reference fields if a record has a certain value in a selected column and not have them updated even if those values are updated in the referenced tabl...

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How does "contain" behave in an automation filter?

Hi,I'm afraid I couldn't find the correct Airtable documentation on this, please point me in the direction if there ready help somewhere.In an automation I have a conditional logic step. In that I have two conditions to be be met. One is a "type" kin...

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Resolved! set order by with automations are triggered

Hi Airtable Community,I have a base with different automations with the same trigger. I would like to set an order by with these automations are triggered.For example, I would like Automation one to be triggered first. After automation 1, the automat...

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Automatically copy attachments between fields when one is updated

Hello Community, I need help with one task that should help us save lots of time. We have two tables with attachment field in both tables. One table is called Appointments where we upload an invoice in the attachment field called "Invoice" and anothe...

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