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Resolved! Automation - Less than and Greater than

For the automation above, I kept getting an error OR inaccurate output. When I would test it out and submit a 90% score, it keeps creating a record as if the score was less 89.99 

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Updating field based on linked record

Hi all!I have two tables, the first is Stores, the second is Customers. They are linked. Customers has a Region single select, Stores a Region multi-select. All of the Region single selects are populated for the Customers tab. I need some help creati...

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Problem with record selection with an automation

Hi Everybody! since start of the year I've noticed a change in the behaviour of one automation, that is causing me a lot of trouble.In a table I've a formula field that generates the ID necessary to link the record to another one in another table. Th...

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Automating Airtable With

UPDATE:I resolved the syntax issue.Hi Everyone! I just need help with the search filters.  TYI am getting an error message, when I run my scenario: “The operation failed with an error. [422] The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field...

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How to apply product offers, e.g. two for £50

Hi,I've created an inventory and order system using airtable but I'm being held back from having airtable calculate my order cost using a roll up. We sell some products with a special offer, for example, a hoodie normally costs £30 but if you buy two...

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Search record by email of the User

HiI tried to get all the records in a table by the associated User.Im used to get this information and when I entered this formula and is not working - SEARCH('', {user_field_name})Does somebody know what is the correct...

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LinkedIN and Welcome to the Jungle integration to

HiI’m a beginner and so far I’ve only done one use case with Airtable. Now I would like to use it for my daily life and I thought it would be nice to have a table like Excel linked with all the applications I’ve made via LinkedIn, Welcome to the Jung...

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Scanning multiple tables for duplicate records

I have five tables, each with a list of contacts. I want to identify the contacts who appear on more than one table.  One setup is: When a contact appears in two or more tables, I want to add this contact to a new "cross-check" table. The new table w...

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Automations and Filtering

I have a Sales Pipeline base, and have set up an automation to run based on a change in deal stage (to "closed-won"). This creates a new record in my Master Customer List airtable. When I filter my Sales Pipeline base and then unfilter, the automatio...

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Automation failing due to blank values

I have a pretty basic automation that when a record is updated, a separate record in another table is updated with information from the first record.My problem is, a lot of the fields (which are populated through a public form) are optional and so ma...

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