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Duplicating records from one table to another using a script

Hey there!I have an automation that is designed to take specific records from two separate tables and duplicate them into a single table. I used the repeat for each duplicate one of the tables, but because I can't use two I'm trying to do the same us...

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Autorun on deployment

Hello, for the last few days we noticed that our scheduled per-day automations run on each Update (when we edit scripts and Update automation)Is it expected new behavior?

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Feedback Analysis for a product list with AIrtable

We have created a CSV file and try to make automation.How to bring feedback by a product list as automation report and bring a dashboard into live?Are there any examples of dashboards or it should be manually calculate feedback Analysis?An example: M...

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See if similar/identical record exists in another table

As ever, something that I think should he simple is proving anything but.I have a table with 4 simple fields:MakeModelLineExists ?DellLatitude2243 HPProbookM123 DellOptiplexC132 I have another table with similar Make, Model, Line fieldsI would like t...

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Send table with dossiers related to each responsible person

Hello, I am trying to create an automation using the Repeating Group option but I can't get it to work.I have a main table where I keep records of customer files. Each record has a responsible party that is linked to another table called "Responsible...

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Getting "to" input is empty error on form submission automation

Hi! I'm trying to set up my first automation so that whenever someone submits a survey, AT sends that person an email with a summary of their responses. The client base are outside of the company and don't use AirTable beyond this survey, so I figure...

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Automated reply to attached email

Hello....I need to automate a record when its status changes and reply to the original email (attached msg format into each record) to the sender with some editions. Has anyone tried this? 

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