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how to create this payments table?

I want to create a tracking table for customer payment.Every month I check in the bank account who paid and mark in Excel.How can I create a table of all customers and mark for each customer whether he has paid or not?Is there an automation that can ...

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Troubleshoot bizarre automation error: Record doesn't exist

This one is puzzling me. I have an automation that watches for a field to be updated, which then updates another field on the same record. It mostly seems to work as I need it to. However, I keep getting errors that the automation has failed as it "d...

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Resolved! Automations Disabled on List Interface

I have an interface in a list form.  I added a button to the interface. I want the user to be able to select multiple records from the list and click on submit. However I see that the button is disabled and it does not detect the source. I tried addi...

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Checkbox in Table 1 add or remove data to Table 2?

I have a table of pricing data for products. It has several hundred products.  Without too much modification to that table and its data, I want to add a field with a checkbox so that if Check/Uncheck it will Copy or Remove the data to another table. ...

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[422] Unknow field name - but it exists...

I'm getting a 422 error saying my column "Step" doesn't exists, but the column exists and I haven't touched it. When trying the module alone, it works. But when I run the automation and the strings are mapped, it doesn't  

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Resolved! Automated Email Attachment Access for Non-collaborators

I have a automated email that goes out to a group of non-collaborators when a form is filled out.  The emails contain an inserted grid with designated information from that form including any attachments that were submitted.  These attachments are, h...

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