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Find record in automation using current record

I have a pre-filled form that is launched from a button in a record in the Assets table. When the form is submitted, the automation is triggered. A new record is created in the Updates table. Then, there's a Find Record step where a condition is ente...

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Resolved! Automation to update linked field

Hi,I'm trying to automatically update a linked field with the data that auto populates in the "Auto" number field when a new record/line is created. I can get the data to return but it's all in one field.  I tried to use the "Update Record" option bu...

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Automation based on logged in user

I want to build an automation in Airtable where the user creating the record, will have their domain auto-populated based on the separate table in which each person has their own domain defined.For example, if John is creating the record and the John...

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Script to get data from within a csv file in an attachment

Hello the community,I want to write a script which will read the data from a csv file which is in the attachment field "doc"  in the table "fileImport"The csv has 4 columns:Nom,Ligne,Jour,Valeurhere is an example of the data:Nom,Ligne,Jour,Valeur Bor...

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Automation for tracking weekly spend of inventory

Not sure if this belongs in automations or airtable.I want to create an automation which creates a new entry in a separate spreadsheet which is being used to track spend for inventory in my business.Ideally it creates a new entry, one for each week.W...

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Wrong Time Zone in Automation / Form

I have a automation that I have set to email people their response to a form I have and the date and time that gets sent out through the automation is the wrong time zone, the time zone on the form itself is correct so I'm not sure why the automation...

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Slack Notifications Not Sending to ALL

Hello!I am wondering if this might be just an Airtable "bug" or if anyone else experiences this issue.I have a notification system set up through automations. On my data table, I have a formula that will make a list of everyone who needs to be slacke...

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Team Notifications Not Appearing in Bold

Hi. We're using the Teams integration to send notices from AT when something happens (new email meeting a criteria, new client opened, etc.).The messages come through to Teams but are never bolded in the channels list and we don't get notifications. ...

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Create table based on existing records from a different table

New Airtable user here! not quite sure If I am out of my element, but I am looking to streamline a work operation to where our intake team receives a vehicle, and records are created for them to validate all of the parts from the vehicle, efficiently...

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Resolved! Updating a record using automations - Replaces the previous tag!

Hi All! So I have set up an automation that adds a tag to my "Status" column (which is a multiple select column) when a certain checkbox is ticked as true. The automation seems to run fine, BUT, it replaces any previous tags in the "Status" column th...

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