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GPT 4.o ?

Hello! I want to use the AI text generation field to query the LLM. When I use GPT 4.o with the same prompt on ChatGPT it works fine, however when I use the same prompt in Airtable, I get "no information found" as e reply (my prompt asks to provide t...

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advanced email automation with conditional logic problem

Hi,I work for a property management company.I made a table for assets, faults, professionals and suppliers.When there is a fault, I add a fault to the fault table and link to the property where it happened.In addition, I add to the fault the professi...

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Import data from Google Sheets - tests fine, but doesn't run

I have several automations with the trigger of "new row created in Google sheets". The action is for the data from Sheets to create a new record in AT. "Test automation" works fine. But then the automation works SOMETIMES! It wasn't running at all. T...

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Email automation

Hi,I have table of properties, faults and professionals.When I have a fault, I create a new record in the faults table and select the property where the fault occurred and the professional who worked on the fault.If the problem has been solved, I cha...

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AI automation issue

Hi,I have a content management system in Airtable where I could use some automation support. I am attempting to use the new Airtable AI, but it just won't work the way I want it. What I want to do is:Request a new record (requests new content using a...

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Resolved! Automation Script & Navigate to Interface Page

Hello! Apologies if this is already solved or discuss or I am just missing something obvious. I am trying to create a button on an interface that does the following: Run an automation that has a custom script, create a new record in a different table...

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Automation Emails Working Intermittently

Hi,I have an automation which sends emails reminders to a set of users every week. When it emails the users, it's setup that I get CCd on the reminder email also.After the email is sent, the automation updates a field of the next reminder date (which...

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Repeating Group Automation Sends Multiple Emails

Hi all,I am new to Airtable, and I am trying to set up an automation where an email will be sent to a project lead if there are 7 days left to complete a project and the project status is incomplete. I followed the instructions in the following Airta...

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