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How to send Mass Emails to my users using airtable?

Hi, I am new here. I have some columns like name, email, job title. I have 3000 rows of these data. I want to send personalized emails to all of these 3k users with their name and job title. How can i do it? Is there any automation or extension avail...

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Insert an image (HTML) in the automation email

Hi guys!!!I am trying to insert an image that I have as an attachment in my database within the body of an automated emailI wanted to ask you if you could help me understand why my HTML image is incorrect. The image appears crashed and I don't unders...

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Export to a row to excel with a certain Excel layout

I need to rig up a button that can export a row of data and download it as en Excel file to a local computer.I assume I'll be able to use Make and Webhook for this. However, the Excel file should have a certain layout. Fx an image placed in a certain...

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Lock Values from Referenced Object

Hello, I have a table with reference fields from another table. I want to lock the values in those reference fields if a record has a certain value in a selected column and not have them updated even if those values are updated in the referenced tabl...

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How does "contain" behave in an automation filter?

Hi,I'm afraid I couldn't find the correct Airtable documentation on this, please point me in the direction if there ready help somewhere.In an automation I have a conditional logic step. In that I have two conditions to be be met. One is a "type" kin...

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