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JSON/Object Error Automation Between Airtable and Circle

Hello everyone,Goal: When new or updated Record in Airtable --> Create Event in CircleAirtable: API: There are 3 required fields to ...

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How to output a list of cell values with Scripting automation

Hello - I have another frustrating issue with regard to using the output.set function.I am able to access a list of records from a query using  output.set("Record List", query.recordIds), but as expected it only outputs a  list the record ID strings....

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How to extract the attachment from email in Airtable?

Hi,I am using the "when a new email is received" from outlook email on Airtable automation to collect the information about the email I receive.However, it is not directly possible to get the attachment (is it coming soon?).I have seen some discussio...

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Look for all records excluding the most recent?

I am setting up some automation alerts for records that have incomplete information.I would like to trigger an automation if a new record is created to highlight any records that haven't been correctly filled in.Of course, the newly created record wo...

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Move comments one base to another

Show me how to make an automation to move a record, its fields and comments from one Airtable base to another Airtable base when it enters a view.

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Find Records not pulling all records from view

Hey guys,I have noticed an issue recently where "Find Records" from a view is not pulling all records from said view, it's only pulling the first 10. I have maximum record limit set to 1000. The view is definitely pulling more records then that. Anyo...

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Find Records Automation With Date Condition

I have two tables Tenants and Property so i am creating a new record in a 3rd table called interaction where condition is The tenant's move-in date should not be more than one month later than the property's availability date.How to do this ?

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How to automate the creation of a new contact ?

Hi everybody, I am trying to set up a specific automation. I have set up already the importation of emails in Airtable, in the table "my emails". It looks like this :Now, I would like to automate the following steps : - check if in table "Contacts", ...

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Automation triggered X hours ahead of appointment time

I run an appointment system on Airtable and am looking to send reminders a few hours ahead of upcoming meetings.For example, a meeting is scheduled for 2pm on June 24th, therefore by 12pm on June 24th, I'd like a reminder email sent out.Which Automat...

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