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Creating recurring events that are published to CMS

Hi, I want to create an automation that creates different events based on a form submission and pushes them to our website. 80% of all the events organised are recurring and we have over 400 per month. Recurring in this case means weekly, bi-weekly, ...

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Typeform to Zapier to Airtable - Multi Select Issues

I have a Typeform question with multi select options. Right now, when the Typeform is filled out, the answers are sent through Zapier and then through to Airtable. Airtable will group the multi select answers into one field. For example for "do you i...

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Field contents into Google doc without field name

I've currently got an automation set to pull text fields from multiple records as a list into a Google doc. However, I'd like for the field names to not generate in the Google doc, just the content of the field. The hope is to compile text with less ...

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Updating information about employee attendance in another table

Hi everyone! I'm trying to build monthly employee attendance with NFC tag. Basically when you "scan" nfc tag with your phone, it open up AT Form for submitting your entry or leave (start in the morning, start of the break, end of the break and end of...

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Downloading a PDF file from an Extension

Hey,I have an extension in Airtable that creates a file for each record within a Table. Is it possible to download each file as a pdf and populate a file field in the same Airtable record? Each file generated by the extension doesn't have a unique UR...

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How to transfer record to another table on meeting condition?

Is there any automation in which I can transfer the whole record as it is to another table when it meets certain condition?Basically I have table 1 where once I click approved, the record should go to table 2. I am aware about the create a new record...

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Find record in automation using current record

I have a pre-filled form that is launched from a button in a record in the Assets table. When the form is submitted, the automation is triggered. A new record is created in the Updates table. Then, there's a Find Record step where a condition is ente...

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