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Automations Activity

Trigger for email at a specific time of day

Hi! I'm attempting to have an email going out to remind clients of their appointment time & details the before it happens. For example at 9am on the day of the appointment. I created a formula for "Is this today?" IF(IS_SAME(TODAY(), SET_TIMEZONE({St...

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Resolved! Updating Status After Time Period

Hi, I have been having problems with this for weeks now and cannot understand why my automation is not working. I work for a company that runs an appointment based service. I book the date it  is for and the status of it. When I put in the info, it i...

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I don't understand why automation doesn't work

Real-time automation does not work. I select Trigger: When a record is created, there I select in which table the new row was created. Then I select Actions: Create record and indicate in which table to create a new row. In Fields I indicate in which...

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Ran out of automations - Urgent

Hi Airtable - Can I please get some help in resetting my automation runs? I just ran out of automations for the month (due to a runaway automation that we have now resolved), but nmy business is non-functioning for the rest of the month because we ha...

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Automation to combine similar records

We have an airtable/ combination running a help desk/ticketing system. When people reply to their initial ticket, the system assigns a new record. Is there an automation that we could install that would combine the records?

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Automation - Google Sheet - Duplicate Worksheet

Hello,Alright, so I've been trying to automatize a duplication of a worksheet in a Google Excel document, I've tried through Make as well, but I can't seem to make it workAnyone could point me where or how to do this?Thanks,M

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