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Automations Activity

Automation Script & Navigate to Interface Page

Hello! Apologies if this is already solved or discuss or I am just missing something obvious. I am trying to create a button on an interface that does the following: Run an automation that has a custom script, create a new record in a different table...

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Automation Emails Working Intermittently

Hi,I have an automation which sends emails reminders to a set of users every week. When it emails the users, it's setup that I get CCd on the reminder email also.After the email is sent, the automation updates a field of the next reminder date (which...

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Repeating Group Automation Sends Multiple Emails

Hi all,I am new to Airtable, and I am trying to set up an automation where an email will be sent to a project lead if there are 7 days left to complete a project and the project status is incomplete. I followed the instructions in the following Airta...

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Resolved! sending webhook by url attachement

Hello,I have weird behavior when sending a webhook.For this project, I am working on a free airtable space. So I can't use scripts.This is a table in which I have large images. I want to reduce them (basically, go from 3-4 MB to 150 KB).I have a Make...

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How to sync record between two tables in different bases

Good morning everyone.I have two different databases because I organize two different companies and sell cars. Both have their own car stock but I would like to create a table with both stocks together (they have the same column format). The IDs of t...

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auto create tasks & phases for projects

Hello Airtable Community,I have a relatively complex use case.I have a table in which projects are created, a table for tasks and a table for project phases. Then I have a template table with standard tasks and a template table with standard phases. ...

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Invalid Inputs when creating automation with "Find Record"

I am working on creating a system to track training for my company and am running into an issue I can't figure out. I have built the database and would like my "Ring Central Training" table to be updated once a feedback form is submitted so that way,...

Screenshot 2024-07-09 163246.png Screenshot 2024-07-09 163204.png Screenshot 2024-07-09 163230.png Screenshot 2024-07-09 163804.png
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Resolved! Airtable Email Automation

Hi Airtable Community,I have two table named "Task Assignment" and "Employees". I have linked the Employees table to the Task Assignment table using a linked record called "Assignee". Now I want to send an email every time I add a task inside the "Ta...

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