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'User who took action - name' field not working in automation

When creating an email automation based upon a record being updated, I want to include the name of the person who updated the record in the email. I have used the field 'User who took action - name', but it returns blank for both the preview and live...

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Automation to assign

I would like to create an automation to assign an assignee to the A field in Airtable. The order of assigning a person in charge proceeds in the following order: ‘Lee Ye-ji’ -> ‘Sim Hyo-bin’ and must be repeated continuously.please help me!

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Automation - send email with attachment

Hi everyone, I'm a beginner at airtable automation (so excuse the novice question) - I'm trying to figure out how to set up an automation to send an email with attachment when a new record is created. Same attachment will be going to all emails. More...

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How to automate sending emails for each record newly addes

Hello Community,I am a beginner in air table configuration/Automation and I am looking for help to automate sending emails the every new email added into the Email field of the tab/chart.Like I have a chart with fields in it such as name, company, of...

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Trigger for email at a specific time of day

Hi! I'm attempting to have an email going out to remind clients of their appointment time & details the before it happens. For example at 9am on the day of the appointment. I created a formula for "Is this today?" IF(IS_SAME(TODAY(), SET_TIMEZONE({St...

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Resolved! Updating Status After Time Period

Hi, I have been having problems with this for weeks now and cannot understand why my automation is not working. I work for a company that runs an appointment based service. I book the date it  is for and the status of it. When I put in the info, it i...

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