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Trigger to update all records in a table

I want to be able to send SMS and emails to a group of attendees of a workshop in bulk via Zapier. It seems that the best way to do it would be to use the "when a record in Airtable is updated" action but I don't want to have to update each record in...

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Multiple forms on same page with single submit button?

I have a form for our market garden, which the user inputs information for direct seeding a bed. Each record is the date+crop, and keeps information on how much seed was used, how it was sown and such.There is a repeating automation, for if the user ...

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Resolved! Need to Populate a Linked Record Field with Automation

Big Picture: Im trying to accomplish a process to automatically link records between tables. The use case is automating a process where when a user updates their membership in an external system, airtable creates a new membership record and links it ...

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Webs by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Resolved! Export and Import Automations

Is it possible to export a set of automations. I am working across multiple Airtables but require to use similar automations across them all. It would save lots of time if I could export them and import them to different Airtables.

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Using time-based formulas to trigger automations

I am collecting survey results into an airtable base.This includes two tables:The index for all surveys (and including key information such as deadline).The responses for the various surveys (each response is linked to a survey)Each survey has a dead...

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Duplicating an automation

I use Airtable to run a monthly market.Every month I copy a base table and just change the name to May, June, July etc. I use automations to add new stallholder details from my applications table into that month’s table.My issue is that I can’t dupli...

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Resolved! Automation to update status of a linked record?

This seems like it should be well documented but I'm having a devil of a time finding a clear example. Goal: When a new Activity is created with a Type of "Posting Closed", I want to update the linked Applications so that it's Status is "Recently Clo...

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Linking fields to a Master table using non-primary fields

Hi there,I have a series of quality assurance data for my Online School which has been populated using different google forms and is therefore stored in different google sheets. I am bringing the data into Airtable to use an interface to visualise it...

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Parsed HTML not rendering correctly in SendGrid extension

Hi there, My Goal (Image 1)I am trying to automate an email newsletter to send job postings stored in an Airtable base using the SendGrid extension. Context:In a Jobs table I auto generate the HTML for this list item in a field. (Image 2)In a Newslet...

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Matching records from two tables

I have "table A" that holds clients. "table B" holds items. I want to see if there is a match for a field value. If "value 1A" from table A is < than "value 1B" from table B its considered a match and i like to receive the recordID for both.

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Resolved! get # of unique values within automations

Hi,I'm struggling a bit with a slack automation. the idea: we have a list where all new customer appointments go in. Every day at a certain time the automation pushes the total number of appointments into a slack message. Now we have customers that m...

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Populate Vendor Linked Field by searching the name

^ Sorry about that subject ... I don't know what I'm doing.So ... I have Table Vendor, and Table Transactions... the Name field in the Transactions table sometimes contains the same text as in the Vendor field (which is called 'Who' [i know ... awful...

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Cannot update a field with dates

Hello everyone,I am trying to follow ongoing contracts on a timeline view. However, the timeline will not display items that don't have a Start and End Date.Following  some other topics, most notably this one, I am trying to find a workaround where a...

Screenshot 2023-05-25 220921.png Screenshot 2023-05-25 221628.png
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