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Scripting problem

I have a problem with a script that worked and all of a sudden, stopped to work:"App Name" is a linked record field. "Add App On Sign Up" is another linked record field. When a value is inserted in "Add App On Sign Up", I need this value to be insert...

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Retrieving the most recent date

Hello! I am creating a field for event attendees. I have each attendee's name, the events they attended, and the dates of the events they attended separated into 3 columns. I would like to make a fourth column that retrieves the most recent date each...

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 12.06.15 PM.png
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Help with an Airtable Automations Script

i am attempting to use the attached code within an airtable automations run script tied to a "When Record Enters View" trigger. I have almost zero background in JS, and I just can't get this thing to work. Do any of you have any suggestions as to how...

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same primary column - diffrent tables

I have table A and table B.When a record in table A is created, I have an automation that creates the same record in table B. However, the primary column in table B stays blank. How can I fill the primary column in table B with the primary column val...

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when record created create vlookup in other base

Hi,I want to create an automation that when I create record in table A it automatically will create the same record as vlookup in table if i update the record in table A it will reflect the record in table it possible to do?thanks

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Resolved! Scripting: Can't seem to pass User field's value to another User field.

I suspect this is a super easy thing to do, but I have been googling for over an hour now and all attempt to make this script function is seemingly failing. const { recordId } = input.config(); const table = base.getTable('tbliyrxpGU6tkQgG7'); let r...

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byrnes by 6 - Interface Innovator

Setting up a Queuing System to an automation?

Hello, I am running into the problem where if two users trigger my automation at the same time or before the automation finishes then the second data point will not run/create a record. Is there a way to setup a queuing system where the second trigge...

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Automation when DATE is Today - Change Time

I have a "Send an email" automation set up with the trigger "when {{Date field}} is one week from now."It's working great, except the emails are going out just after midnight. I'd prefer them to go around 9am. I have added a time to my date field, bu...

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