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Google Maps TEXT Directions Automation

Hi allI am using the modules to create a scenario where an address input into AT triggers an automation that generates a google maps link with transit options for travel from A to B.My question is if I can enhance this to provide me with a s...

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Document Creation

Hello.Am trying to automate creation of document from airtable. The questions are in a lookup fieldBelow is the information i want to push to be created in a document and attached is my workflow.My problem is the out put is not correct.I will wish is...

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Resolved! email automation send based on user

Hey,I have an automation that when the status changes to "done" an email is sent to the customer.Is it possible to send an email to the customer from the email of the user who changed the status?For example, if I change the status to "done" then an e...

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automation - create report for every client every 3 monthes

Hi,I am trying to create an automation that will create a quarterly report for me every 3 months.How can I make a report be created every 3 months for each client?I'm using docsautomator so I tried this: but it didnt w...

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