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Automations Activity

Month End Close

I am attempting to use Airtable as a month end close tracking form. Is it possible, that once a task is completed, it will create a new task for the same day in the next month? As an example, this task would be completed on December 15th, then once c...

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Linked records overwriting eachother

 Hi, I need help with an automation that I can't get to work. I have set up 2 separate automations, both triggers "when record matches condition" (different conditions) one adds one linked record, to field "work" and the other automation adds another...

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Generic error on automation to update linked records across tables

My data schema is such that I have Programs which contain projects, each has its own table. I then have workers as a separate table, where I can link the workers to programs and/or projects. I am trying to set up an automation that checks if a worker...

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Column Width in Email Digest Grid

I'm trying to adjust the column width in an digest email but the truncate fields doesn't change the layout and I'd like the columns to be spread out more. Is there any way to set this? Even adjusting the view I'm pulling from doesn't change anything....

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Activate options not working

When I click 'activate options' no options are showing. I've double checked that activate options isn't already ticked on any other orders. It's been working fine, so not sure why it is suddenly not working. It's not working on multiple devices, and ...

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Why won't this script work when triggered by a button?

I want to send a webhook when a button is pressed on a record :// Use recordAsync to get the record associated with the buttonlet record = await input.recordAsync();// Check if the record existsif (record) {// Construct the URL based on the fetched r...

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Alix by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Replacing underscores in automation emails

Emails sent via automations replace underscores with nothing, thereby corrupting the URLs, and other values, that contain underscores. I've read the many posts about this and still can't figure out the syntax to use to make this happen.Here's an exam...

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Resolved! Mapping fields syntax in a script

Hello,I'm working on an automation that, when triggered by a new record being created, runs a script. The script should take that record, parse a comma-delimited list, then create new records in a separate table. The new records are include the uniqu...

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Automation sending e-mails in infinite loop

Hi, community!Please, I need help to understand what happened with an automation that I messed up and was sending e-mails in an infinity looping even after it was deleted from the base.It was initially built with "At schedule time" trigger and had tw...

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Automation not pulling formatting from cells

Hi, I have multiple automations pulling data from formula fields, that have been formatted to include the euro sign. This works fine in the data, however when I pull the values into automations, the euro sign and formatting that I put in the formula ...

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Resolved! Automation Error for status change

Hi all,I have an automaton where at X time, once a week, records are scanned for any projects that are within the next coming week, the status is to be changed to "Upcoming". I am recieving an error message on the update record part. I have attached ...

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Resolved! problem adding a row in sheets

I'm adding a row in sheets successfully but only 2 of 6 fields are being copied over. What could be the issue? Thanks.

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Button for task management

Hello!I'm fairly new to Airtable, but I have found myself stuck on something and I'm unsure the best approach.  I have a base that is receiving data from submitted forms for security requests.  These requests are worked on by 3 different staff member...

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