Building alerts when one spreadsheet conditions matches another

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all. I'm new to this and looking for some guidance.

Spreadsheet 1 has all available items for sale. Let's say they're vehicles. So some columns may be, make, model, year, HP, etc. I'm trying to create another spreadsheet2 to act as a "wanted list" where if certain conditions are met, an alert will trigger. So if a salesperson goes into the wanted list, puts a potential buyer's name, Ford, Mustang, 2010 or newer, the system will alert them when we get a 2012 Ford Mustang that becomes available for sale. When I have Spreadsheet 2 with columns that would match up with those from the first spreadsheet, how do I build the automation for it to check to see if spreadsheet 1 has anything that meets those conditions, or similar conditions and then sends an email to the user who created it?

Thank you in advance for any help you may have! 

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Hmm, you could make an automation trigger when a new record gets created in Spreadsheet 1, and you'd do a "Find Record" action to look for all the records in Spreadsheet 2 that match, so it would look for "Year >= [Triggering record's year]" and such

You could then do a repeating group action that would send an email to each found record from Spreadsheet 2