Re: Can I use more than one value in "does not contain" condition?

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6 - Interface Innovator


Just wondering if there is another way to use "does not contain" condition in automations.

For example.. I have one field (named Country) with all countries. And then I have three different emails.

  • If the person is from Slovenia, they get email in slovene (condition: if the country contains: "Slovenia")
  • if the person is from Croatia, they get in croatian (condition: if the country contains: "Croatia")
  • if the person is from anywhere else (conditions: if the country does not contain: "Croatia", AND  if the country does not contain: "Slovenia")

So in the last example I have to use two different conditions.. is there a way to use both countries in only one condition?


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You cannot put multiple different values in a “does not contain”. However, you can have multiple conditions together in a single IF. 

Also, in conditional action groups in automations, only the first matching condition group is run. Thus if you already have conditions checking for “Slovenia” and “Croatia”, you can put the “everywhere else” email in an “otherwise” condition group with no conditions.