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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I need some help to build some automations please.

I would like to modify status after specific period.

For example, when a new record is create, the field "creation date" fill be filled.

for records below 3 days I want to automatically change the status to "Less than 3 days"

for records between 3 days and 5 days I want the status "3 to 5 days"

records between 5 days and 10 days, status "5 to 10 days"

and below 10 days will have no status.


I already tried to make automations with "on this date or later" and "on this date and earlier" but it's not working properly.

Thanks for your help and merry christmas!

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use formula DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Created date} , 'days')
IF(Result<3, 'Less than 3 days,
  IF(Result<5,'3 to 5 days',
    IF(Result<=10,'5 to 10 days', ' ' )
You can use additional Result column, or replace 'Result' with first formula above and get the final output without additional columns.

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your help. It's not possible to use automation to make it? Because I would like the formula to change the status (because my status have different colors so record in Kanban will appear with the selected colors)

I got it. Sure, there are many different ways to do it via automation. I just usually try to do it by formula only, if it's possible. But I can agree that some Airtable UI features are worth adding extra complexity.

The simple way is to add my formulas and create automation "When record updated" - 'Formula field' and action might be update Select field with value from formula.

Another way - add three automations (or four, last to clear select field after 10 days). In fact, you can add first 'Less than 3 days' as a default for new record. So, there are three automations needed: 'for 3 to 5' , 'for 5 to 10' and for 'after 10'.  Make it "when record matches condition", like that (example is for 3 to 5 days):


I hope you got it.

Note that if you want it for Kanban colors only, you can use record coloring, in the similar way, but with 1 condition per color, because conditions are checked one by one, and if first 'Less than 3' is true, others ignored. Next is 'less than 5', then 'Less than 10' . In such way you also can avoid using automation.

So, just decide which way is better for you. And Merry Christmas for you too!