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Check If A Field Is A Certain Value Or Not 24hours After Created Time

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey so i’m quite new to Airtable (and love it so far!) Hoping someone can help!

I want to check if a field has a certain value 24 hours after the created time then send an email if it is that value.

I have a formula field with CREATED_TIME()

And a Single Select field called “Message Status” with two options: Sent , Received

If 24 hours after the created time the Message Status = Sent

I want to send an email (to myself as a notification)

Is there some kind of automation or script I can use for this?

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Add a formula that does something like this:

AND(DATEADD({Created Time field}, 24, "hours") < NOW(), NOT({Status})),
"Ready to Send"

^ The above formula will output “Ready to Send” if there is no Status yet (i.e. unsent) and the 24 hour period is up.

That way you could use an automation that is triggered by when a record meets condition ({Formula field} = “Ready to Send”) with a Send email action step.

NOTE: the NOW() function updates every 5 minutes to an hour or so, so you won’t get notifications the instant 24 hours is up.

Ah brilliant, this looks great, will try it now :slightly_smiling_face: