Clashing automations: new record created + new form submission

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4 - Data Explorer

I have two clashing automations for when a new record is created vs when a form is submitted. I’ve found a workaround but would love to know if there’s a neater or more elegant solution.

(Would love to have first automation “when new record is created, except when submitted by form” or have the form-submission automation run second.)

I have a job listings database, and I’ve just added a form for users to submit listings.

My process is to find a job online, use the Airtable Web Clipper to scrape data and add it to the database. Because I’ve submitted it I know I can trust it. So I have automation #1 set up: when new record created, set “Status” (single select field) as “Open” (which adds it to the public view).

The form process I just created is for other users to submit job listings, and I want to quickly check it before setting the status as “Open” (i.e. visible to users). I have automation #2 set up: when form submitted, set “Status” as “Pending review”.

A workaround I’ve just thought of is to have a separate column – “Pending review” checkbox. When a record meets both conditions (“Open” and Pending review = True), set Status to “Pending Review”. It seems to work, but it means an extra column + an extra automation.

If you need to see the database: Airtable - Airtable community view
or the live version embedded at

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