Conditional triggers: what's most efficient logic?

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This automation is a test, not actually in use. The idea is that the primary table has three fields/columns A, B and C, and also a Status field with an option ‘Done’. When user changes Status field to ‘Done’, I want to get the values in fields A, B and C and use them to create records in a second table.

I’m assuming here that the practical options (when user clicks ‘Done’) are just four:

  1. Only A has value, so create 1 record in table 2
  2. Only A and B have values, so create 2 records
  3. A, B and C all have values so create 3 records in table 2
  4. A, B and C are all empty, so do nothing

(I’m skipping the possibility that A could be empty but B and/or C is not.)

See screenshot below for the way I’ve handled the logic. The only way I could think to make this work was to start with a condition group that tests for option #3 above first. Then I test for option #2. Finally I test for #1. If none of the tests returns true, the automation does nothing.

It works fine, great, actually. But the condition groups seem to relate to one another as ELSE-IF conditions. Is there a way to create three AND-IF conditions, each with its own action? That would mean I didn’t have to duplicate actions.

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

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You can add a formula field to do all of the AND conditions and trigger off the formula.

Thanks, but yes, of course — thought of that. But as I said, this isn’t a real use-case. I’m exploring. And is this the best answer possible? Maybe it is.

I like Airtable a lot. But one of my biggest gripes about Airtable is that I find myself so often falling back on a structural solution to what is fundamentally a process question. :frowning: