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4 - Data Explorer

I have a to-do list created in Airtable. Each record is an assignment for someone on the team and fields includes things like priority (high, low), status (in progress, complete), who it’s assigned to, etc. One field is a deadline and I would like that deadline to automatically be entered into an Outlook Calendar when a new Airtable record is created or edited.

I created an automation, but it’s not working properly. The trigger is “when a record is created”.

The Action is “Outlook Calendar - Create Event”. I connected it to my calendar and entered a data range. It seems to be right and I even ran a successful test.


Yet, when I create a new record in Airtable it’s not creating a new entry in Outlook Calendar. Am I missing something?

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You can’t trigger on new record creation (unless the record is created via form or API), because a new record is blank so the automation will trigger on a blank record. So you would need to change your trigger to something else to get it to work.