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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m a newbie, and I didn’t find an answer yet…

I would like to create a form and an automation : every answer to the form creates a visual illustration with all the answers. And I would also like to create graphics with the form’s answers (rating tool).
After that I would like to send an automatic email with the visual illustrations.

If anyone know how I could do that with Airtable, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance !

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That is not possible to do natively with Airtable.

You would need to turn to external tools that can be automated via their APIs to take your data and turn them into visual graphics.

To automate these external tools, you would need to write your own JavaScript code, use the extension, or use an integration tool like

Here are some ideas of some websites that can create graphics based on your data. And there are probably dozens more to choose from, too:

API Template:

Make integration here.


Make integration here.


Make integration here.


Make integration here.


Make integration here.

The reason that Make is such a great low-code solution for something like this is because it can do it all for you. It can take your data from Airtable, send it to these external apps, generate the graphic, email the graphic to your customers, and then embed the graphic back in an Airtable attachment field.