Create record based on another record's date?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi there. I have a event table full of info for scheduling a bunch of different types of "events."

One of the pieces of data is the frequency these events need to occur in weeks. So some happen every week, some happen every 2, some every 4 weeks, etc.

In a planning table, that assigns specific information to each instance of the event (primarily location), there is look up fields for the event table info, and look up field to a location table

Since all the events have different frequencies, I would like to automate the creating of the next events somewhat. 

Is that possible? 

So if I create "Event 1" assigned to "location 1" on the 1st of July 2023, and "event 1" repeats every week, can I have it automatically create "event 2" on 8th of July 2023? 

This could ideally be handled 2 ways - a field that has a "no more events after this date" info (so that it doesn't create infinite records), or the Planning Table is grouped by "event" and whenever I click the "new record" button, it automatically makes the date 8th of July 2023?

In essence, on creation of new event, it needs to look up the most recent instance that "event 1" was linked into the planning table.

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Yes - this is possible. It's hard to explain in writing, but here's a base that you can copy with automations that create the different events and dates.

Basically, you're doing kind of like an Order Line Item thing where you have multiple individual events that link to an Event Series. So you have an event series that meets once a week for 5 weeks (I used occurrences instead of dates but you could of course use dates if that works better for your workflow) or an event series that meets every 2 weeks for 3 weeks or whatever, and then there's a List of Events table that links the events to the series and populates the dates.

If you don't want to copy the base but just want to get a sense of how it works, here's the form and the Events List table that populates from the form. For using the form, you need to know that weekly events meet every 1 week, semimonthly events meet every 2 weeks, and monthly events meet every 4 weeks.

Hope this helps. Oh, and I need to add a mandatory "yes, this probably would be better to do with a script" disclaimer but I am not at all good at writing scripts.


Thanks heaps! haven't had a chance to dig through it properly yet, so excuse this quick question - you mention automations, but I don't see any on the base that I am copying? I believe there should be a repeat automation on form submit according to how many events the user says the event needs to happen?

Ugh. Can you set up a new free workspace and invite me as a workspace collaborator? Then I can put the base in your workspace. 

Sure! Thanks heaps, I'll send you a link via private mesage!