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Create record in table with other table, but if the record repeat no create record

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i get two table… in the first table when user login in the app, create a record with email.
when it creates a record in the first table, I want it to create it in the second one, but if the email is repeated in the first one I don’t want it to be created again in the second one, for example:

Table 1 ---------Table 2

hello@gmail ----hello@gmail

bye@gmail ----bye@gmail

one@gmail ----- one@gmail

hello@gmail … “no create record” …

two@gmail ------ two@gmail


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You need something that will loop through the automation one by one. You do this by linking the two tables as you have - then using rollups to identify which rows to automate, and a view in the table 2 with a formula referencing a lookup that compares if Table 1 email=Table 2 email. I’ve built this already - Airtable Automation: Cycle through one automation at a time

Simply rename the value or tag field to email in both tables. If you want to see how it works first, shoot me an email at!