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I would like to achieve the following.

My trigger is "When record is created" and I would like to send a message to my Slack channel once a new record is recorded in my Airtable base. I’m tracking three variables for example Category, Price, Date. I want to be able to see the specific amount of times a specific category was created, for example, if G99 appeared in the Airtable base it would count 1, if G88 appeared it would count 1, if G99 appeared it would now count 2 and so on. However, I want the count to reset daily meaning everything would return to 0 after a 24h period.  I want the Slack display message to look something like this…

“A sale was made

Category: G99

Price: 999.00

Date: 9/19/2023

Sales for current category: XX (with dynamically updating count)”


Is it possible to configure a dynamically updating channel message to Slack? I’m also not sure if it’s entirely possible to have dynamic message. Any help is appreciated!



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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Yes, but you can’t use the trigger “when a record is created” unless the record was created through a form or the API.

The best way to trigger the automation is to use a single-select field or a checkbox field, and then use the trigger “when a record matches conditions”.

Thank you for the reply.

How exactly can I create the messages to be dynamically counting? I've switched from "when a record is created" to "when a record matches conditions" and I see this makes sense. However, I have a long list of names I want to count uniquely. I've looked in the conditional logic and there doesn't seem to be a section for the requirements I need. Could you guide me on this?