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4 - Data Explorer

I manage a team of project managers and one of the things I'd like to use Airtable for is notifying our accounting department of when certain billing landmarks are reached so they can invoice. Currently I'm able to set up multiple automations per project for each landmark but have run out of automations. I tried to consolidate by adding multiple project numbers to the same automation or multiple landmarks that would need to be reached to the same project number but need the ability to use "and" as well as "or" in an automation. Right now, it seems I can only use one or the other.

For example, I need to be able to set the condition to be as follows so an email is sent when either of the following is met:

When 'Project Number' is 'A405' OR 'A406'
and 'MLR status' is 'MLR 1'


When 'Project Number' is 'A405'
and 'MLR status' is 'MLR 1' OR 'Status' is 'Live'

Is this something that Airtable supports? Can anyone think of any workaround if this isn't readily available. Thank you so much.

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You can create a View with those filters. Then you can use the "When Record Enters View" trigger for the automation.