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Creation and update of records in different tables with automation

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Hi there,

I’m still a bit of a newbie on Airtable and I’ve searched quite a bit how to solve my problem but for now I can’t find it.

I have created a database with different tables that have different functions:
1 - a table with events and their characteristics
2 - a table with spots related to these events. Which allows me to optimize the kanban view
3 - a contacts table
4 - a specific board where I would like to use the timeline function to bring out events from boards 1 & 2.

My concern: I would really like to automate table 4 to avoid double entries. So I used an automation to create records in table 4 as soon as a record is created in table 1 or 2. So far so good.
Now I would also like to automate the updating of records in table 4 when a record is modified in table 1 or 2. And therein lies the drama. I have looked at some topics, but I can’t configure the ID records in the automation. There is always an error detected during the test phase.

Could you help me? Here is a copy of the base

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Benjamin, I think we just need to use linked records for this instead actually.

So if I were you, I would:

  1. Have an automation that triggers whenever a new record is created in Table 1 or Table 2
    • Its action will be to create a new record in Table 4, and to link the two records together
  2. In Table 4, add lookup fields for the values that we want, e.g. Descriptif, etc
    • Assuming I have a Descriptif field in both Table 1 and Table 2, I would then create another formula field to compile the two fields

Thank you very much @Adam_C for your precious help. This is where I’m stuck, I still have trouble understanding how linked records works.

I have created the automation so that the record is created in table 4 when I enter in table 2 (for the example). You can test from table 2 if you want. But I can’t figure out how to make the linked record in table 4 without having to manually select the record in linked table 2.

Hi Benjamin, yeap I see what you mean. I’ve put something together for you in your base which I think should clarify things