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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All, 

I'm putting a Zap together and linking our recruitment ATS with Airtable. I'm adding job adverts that come from our ATS in to Airtable first, and then I can send to another platform via the Zap. I've run in to an issue that I hope Airtable will solve. Our ATS sends job adverts to 3 job boards, so when it comes from the ATS to Airtable, it enters the job advert record 3 times. So it's duplicated twice. Unfortunately the ATS record has a data field that has all 3 job board ID's together so I can't filter the record by just one job board.

Is there a way I can mark the duplicates with a true/false or checkbox field using some form of automation? I can then filter them out in another view and use the view to pass on the information to another platform from Airtable via the Zap without any duplicates. I hope that makes sense! Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Thanks. Yes my automation isn't working. It's finding the duplicate records, just not updating them. Screenshots attached. Thanks for your help so far. 

In your latest screenshots, your automation still does not have a conditonal logic step

You need to add a conditional logic step to get your automation to do what you're looking for I'm afraid