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I want to list duplicat records within a table in a view so we can check them.
I found this, this would be good for us, but I don’t realy know how to make it work in the automation:

I did some automation, so it’s not new to me, but maybe not as complex like this.

Best regards

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you can use simple no-code/no-automation way
create some _temp table (you can remove 3 empty records and 3 fields besides name).

  • Add link field directed to your table.
    return to your table, copy whole column, paste it into new appeared link field.
    return to _temp table - you will see a table of all unique values with links. add count field, all >1 is a duplicate

add this count field in your table as lookup

Hello Alexey!

Thank you for your tip.
You might be right, but I don’t understand to to a 100%.
If I share my demo AirTable with you, could you make it there work?
This way I would have a “spare” tabel, right!? Not sure I want to see such a table all the time…

Would an anotmation be much more complex?


Yes, I can show, it’s a simple task.
As soon as you add ‘count’ field to your ‘main’ field (as a lookup), you can convert it to number (or text). Thus, you “unlink” it from parent table (_temp) and can delete _temp.

I would recommend you to try, it’s useful Airtable practice.
Using automation to solve ‘static’ task - find duplicates - it’s a wrong tool choice, Also, I doubt you can easily do that, because single automation step can only update single record, additional workaround needs to update more

Hello Alexey!
Ok, I tried and I might get your idea, but this works only if I copy some row from my table into the new column, right!?
If I want this “notification” of duplicate record also at new records, do I have to input data also into the new column?

Best regards


Yes, my solution is for ‘static’ goal - find duplicates.
If you need to dynamically check new record for duplicates and do something if yes, it’s very easy now, after Airtable added conditional automation steps.



I hope that can help