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Email specific people in an column

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Let’s say I have a list of 10 vendors in a grid. One column contains email addresses. Another column contains a mark if I want to send that vendor an email. Now let’s say I’ve marked that column for six vendors. Can I create an action that will email those six vendors using the email addresses in the column?

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There are a couple of ways to do this. The simplest is using an automation that fires when the email address is not empty and the check mark column is checked. Once all of your conditions are satisfied, that automation will perform the action that you’ve designated (send email in this case).



You’ll see the emailing options once you get in there.

I would also have another field “updated” by the automation that contains a value that says the vendor has been sent an email already. Let’s say the field is a single select. You should then put this field in your trigger conditions to make sure you don’t send multiple emails to a vendor without resetting that single select field.


The other way to do this is using an App like Sendgrid, where all records in a certain view can be used to generate email in batch mode.

@augmented Thank you so much for the reply. It’s very helpful! As a follow-up question, when I modify the “Send email” action, it looks like my only option is to type out email addresses manually. Is there a way to populate the “To” field with email addresses from the column automatically?

You need to think about the automation working on one record at a time. You don’t need to worry about all email addresses at once, or typing them in manually.

So, in the To field of the “Send Email” action, you can use the + to select the email field from the record that “triggered” the action. There will be a new automation triggered for every record that matches the criteria (every time you check the box probably).