Emailing multiple fields in an automation

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there,

I’m working on a form where you can lookup resources in a linked table. Each resource has a name and URL associated with it. The goal is to send the names and links together in an email but…

I am only able to add the name—not the URL—to email automations.

I currently have three single-select fields in the form (B)—which link to another table (A). This is because multi-select only produced the first field in the email automation.

So, a user selects the resource by name in B, which links to A (Name A), and populates the field (Name B). A second field in B refers to Name B, looks up the link and populates Link B. It all works like butter in the table but…

I can only select Name B in the automation.The fields for Link B are empty.

Any advice or wisdom would be much appreciated.

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