Every 10 records, merge 10, and create new record

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I am trying to create an automation where when every 10 new records is created in the airtable base it automatically create one new record with the data from all those records (thus, create one record with 10 record data inside), and then it will move that record to a new view.

I will then create a zapier automation where when a new record is added in view, to add to an rss feed.

My goal essentially is to have the following:
every time someone fills out an airtable record, it only creates a new record if 10 were created total. I do this so that I can create a digest email via an rss feed welcoming new members.

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Hi Tina, if you’re okay with creating the new consolidated record in another table, this can be done pretty easily with automations
10 records

You can find it set up here

The idea is to have an automation that triggers when a new record gets created. It’ll then find records that are not linked to a consolidation record.

If it finds less than 10 records, it won’t do anything. If it finds 10 records, it’ll create a new record in Table 2 and link the 10 records it found to the consolidation record

Let me know if you have any questions!