Find Record with Highest Value in Formula Column

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I am trying to automate posting a random record to twitter.
I have an automation set up already that whenever i check a box on the record it will send out the tweet - this is working fine. I want to automate that step though so i made a column with “random” values.

Now I want to set an automation that each day, it finds a record with the highest value from that “random” value column and updated the record to check the box that will then trigger the twitter automation.

How can I set up an automation to find the highest value and then update that record by checking the box?


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6 - Interface Innovator

A good example of a similar problem solved here: How to get the highest value out of a column - #2 by W_Vann_Hall

it’s a bit wonky, as AT doesn’t work like a regular spreadsheet, but the TLDR version is that by creating a linked record on all the tweet fields, you can use a MAX rollup to identify where MAX=Your Random Column and then automate tweeting it out.

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