Find records with identical fields across two different tables

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all –

I’m working on an airtable base which will run an application process for organizations. I have one table called “Organizations” which includes info about organizations (ones that have applied and ones that haven’t) and another table called “Applications” which feeds from a Typeform which applicants fill out.

In simple terms here’s what I’d like to happen…check for matches, update matched records, create new record if there isn’t a match.

Here’s what I want in more detail:

  1. Script runs and checks for matches between the Organization table and the Applications table. A match is a record in the Organization table with the same name as in the Application table.
  2. For records that match across both tables I’d like to update the Organization table to reflect that the matched organization has an application in the Applications table. (Can be a check box or linked record, doesn’t really matter)
  3. For records that don’t match I’d like to create a new record in the Organizations table with the application organization’s name and info from the Applications Table.

Any idea how to approach this script? Thinking I need to somehow iteratively search for matched records and then use an IF statement to update or create a record in the Organizations table. Just stuck on the best approach so any ideas would be great.

Thank you!

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