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I am pulling my articles from Google Docs. I use Zapier to connect Google Docs to Airtable. I notice that it pulls the content, but the links and images that are originally in the google doc don’t translate to the Airtable record. Is there a way to have that copied over?

Or maybe, is there an alternative solution?

All the help is appreciated, thank you!

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hi Tina, you are probably uploading the google docs content in a text field in Airtable and you cannot add images in the middle of an Airtable text field. You could however upload them in an attachment field in Airtable. The easiest way to do this would be to have the images stored as their own, separate file. You could then have zapier pull them in the base and add them to the attachment field.
The problem now would be how to link them to the article content that Zapier is also pulling in and I think that having some kind of naming convention (some sort of an ID) in the article and image name that would be the same if the image and article are linked would do the trick. If you create the article first then you could have a column in Airtable called ID containing the article ID, then when uploading the image which would have the same ID in its name you could use the “Find a Record” Zapier action to find the Airtable record with that ID and add the image in the attachment column of that record.
Hope this helps!