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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for posting what I feel must be a really simple question to these forums, but I’m completely perplexed and thought I’d reach out to see if I was missing something obvious.

I’m trying to create an automation that creates an event in Google Calendar and then invites someone to it. Should be fairly straightforward but the ‘Google Calendar: Create Event’ action fails every time.

Below is the screenshot of the table I’m using:


Broken down, this includes:

  • Summary - CONCATENATE({QA Type}," - ",DATETIME_FORMAT(Date,‘DD/MM/YY’))
  • Assessor(s)/Mentor - Linked record linking to a table of assessors and their email addresses
  • QA Type - Single select field for a range of quality assurance activities. For now, this automation is only going to apply to those listed as ‘SLT Walk’
  • Date - Simple date field formatted as ‘friendly’
  • End Date - A formula adding one week to the ‘date’ field. The idea is that the QA activity can take place any time during seven days, and the google calendar event is to remind assessors. Uses the formula: DATETIME_FORMAT((DATEADD(Date,1,‘week’)),‘DD/MM/YYYY’)
  • Create Calendar Event - A checkbox that will act as part of the trigger for the automation
  • Email - A lookup field grabbing the email from the table of assessors
  • Calculation - {Email (from Assessor(s)/Mentor)}&"" - I don’t really understand what this does, but whilst reading through these forums I found a post saying that automations don’t work well with lookup fields and that this was a simple workaround

The trigger for the automation seems to work fine:

But the action seems to fail no matter what I do. I’ve looked at every part of it and tried to figure out why it may not be working, but to no avail.


I’d massivly appreciate a second pair of eyes on this! Anyone know what I’m overlooking?

Thanks so much,

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I don’t use Google Calendar and haven’t tried using the “Create event” action for it, so this is a long shot, but perhaps the problem is because you’re trying to add yourself as an attendee. Because it’s your calendar, you’re the event host/creator, so maybe Google is complaining about trying to invite yourself to your own appointment. If you have another email address that you can use, try that instead.